Individual Account Tracking for Scout Troops and packs

Simple and effective individual account tracking for scouts and packs!

For unit treasurers
Most likely, you're a busy parent that has been drafted (probably reluctantly) into serving as an adult volunteer for a Boy Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack. First, be assured you that you are doing a good thing. However, it doesn't mean you have to labor hours into the night and over weekends to perform what should be simple record keeping.

For parents and scouts lets you view your individual account balance anytime you have internet access without asking the treasurer for a current balance. Additionally, you'll have a record of any credits or charges to your individual account. Your information is only visible to the unit treasurer and the registered adults they choose to allow access (e.g. Scout Master, Committee Chair, Cub Master, etc.)

For unit leaders and committee chair
Your treasurer is most likely a volunteer. Make their job easy by simplifying the way finances are documented. Additionally, if your account is configured, you will have access to view the most current financial information for your unit without asking your treasurer for another report.

What to expect
This is not a banking site. There is actually no money here. Think of it almost like an online ledger that you can selectively share with other leaders, parents and boys. The goal of the site is to allow the Troop/Pack treasurer to set-up sub-accounts for budgeting, tracking and reporting. The secondary goal of the website is to allow individual boys and parents to view their ledger history and balance to improve communication about unit finances. Without a doubt, the best way to understand the power of the site is to take the tour.

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